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5 insights on AI Scheduling for Healthcare & Mental Health in 2023

5 tips for improving appointment effectiveness in your healthcare or mental health practice

Unlocking Staff Success: AI Scheduling for Healthcare and Mental Health Practices in 2023

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various industries has been undeniably transformative. Renowned players like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Amazon's Alexa have showcased the prowess of AI. As its prominence grows, many wonder about the potential applications of AI in the healthcare sector.

One of the most promising uses of AI in healthcare revolves around enhancing the patient experience and bolstering operational efficiency through automation. Central to this is Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, a subset of AI that facilitates computer understanding of human language. Through NLP, machines can grasp the intent behind words, enabling seamless interactions with users.

For healthcare practices, this technology means the potential to handle tasks like appointment scheduling or answering patient inquiries via text, eliminating the need for additional app installations. A leading example of this capability is Holly AI Assistant, which expertly manages incoming calls, texts, and web visits, navigating the intricacies of scheduling and follow-ups just as a human would.

Here are a few benefits of resorting to AI Automation when it comes to scheduling workflows:

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Mastering Appointment Effectiveness: 5 Essential Tips for Success

5 tips for improving appointment effectiveness in your healthcare or mental health practice

In today's fast-paced world, appointment effectiveness is crucial for maximizing productivity and improving your bottom line. Whether you're in primary care, specialized care, or mental health, getting the patients booked is only half the battle; you need to ensure those hard-won appointments happen to remain competitive and avoid revenue loss. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the secrets of appointment effectiveness and provide you with 5 essential tips to master this skill. 

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Google Workspace for therapists

10 Benefits of using Google Workspace in your practice - Part 1

We know you are already familiar with Gmail, but few people know about the benefits of Google Workspace, and the hundreds of marketplace partners it comes with, for your practice. Previously known as G-Suite, Google Workspace is the Google environment that includes Gmail, Drive, Meets, Forms, and more for all-sized businesses such as your practice. With more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, this software will help your practice reach its true potential and increase your productivity.

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website for therapists

6 APA approved tips to grow your therapy practice and improve your website

You are a fantastic, talented therapist. Any individual looking for therapy would be lucky to find a match with you, but are you making it easy on them to find you? Having a great website and a strong online presence helps you connect with more patients and allow you to make a greater impact. Here are 6 marketing tips you can use to improve your web presence and boost your marketing strategy according to the American Psychology Association’s magazine, Good Practice (winter 2020 issue)

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24 websites for therapy worksheets, tools, and resources to boost your practice

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Have you spent hours scouring the web for the right resources to use with patients, tools for your practice, or content to improve professionally? 

We know you have. We also know how hard you work to provide the best care for your patients… That's why we compiled a list of websites with tools and resources - worksheets, ideas, psychology blogs, telehealth, software - to help you focus on being the best therapist you can be while taking into account a work-life balance. 

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mejorar experiencia pacientes cover

Patients Won't Forget Their Recurring Appointments

Patients have several types of recurring treatments: Bi-annual teeth cleaning, annual physical, eye exams, etcetera. These are typically booked long-term, far in advance; hence, very easy to forget and book over. No one to blame here. From the practice's perspective, they're also too busy with other urgent tasks and current patients to manually call and remind old patients it's time to book that followup. 

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