Patients Won't Forget Their Recurring Appointments

Patients have several types of recurring treatments: Bi-annual teeth cleaning, annual physical, eye exams, etcetera. These are typically booked..

Patients Can Schedule Their Appointments 24/7 With Just A Text

At any practice, the phone is buzzing all day with patients' requests. If a patient calls to check on their prescription, the front desk must give them..

Patient's Cancellation Issue May Have An Antidote

How common is it that patients cancel their appointments and never reschedule?

Are you aware of how this issue is damaging your practice?

With Medical Office AI Assistant Nimblr, Patients Can Now Schedule Doctor Appointments Via Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

 Nimblr is automating the entire appointment cycle with AI assistant Holly, which 

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line with your EHR

Let’s cut to the chase—running a medical practice is expensive. Really expensive. And if you’re reading this you know that. The good news is, there are..

Stanford StartX selects for its acceleration program, artificial intelligence startup, has been accepted into the Spring 2018 program for StartX, Stanford University’s accelerator.

What is the best type of reminder for your patients?

What is the best type of reminder for your patients? Finally, we give you an answer. 

New official drchrono partner: Holly by

Now drchrono users can simply and seamlessly connect their calendars with Holly, enabling automated two-way texting with patients. 

Appointment message service: Costs vs. benefits

Certainly before making any big purchase, you crunch the numbers to analyze how it will make your life easier. If it’s a new car, you’ll calculate how..

A patient’s perspective: Which reminder type is best?

At we believe that easy communication between patients and medical office staff is vital to both parties to obtain best results. Our guest ..