24 websites for therapy worksheets, tools, and resources to boost your practice

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Have you spent hours scouring the web for the right resources to use with patients, tools for your practice, or content to improve professionally? 

We know you have. We also know how hard you work to provide the best care for your patients… That's why we compiled a list of websites with tools and resources - worksheets, ideas, psychology blogs, telehealth, software - to help you focus on being the best therapist you can be while taking into account a work-life balance. 

The list is organized into three categories depending on your needs: Digital Practice Tools, Psychology Resources, and Psychology-Related Content.

Without further ado, here it is:

Tools for your practice - scheduling, payments, marketing, webpage, etc.

 You probably already have an EHR to keep track of your patients' progress; however, here are some complimentary tools and software to take your practice operation to the next level.

  1. LinkTree - Keep all your practice relevant links like website, scheduling, blog, etc.) in one place. You can use it on your social media profiles, Psychology Today bio, therapy directories, etc. 
  2. Holly AI Therapist Assistant - A tool to manages incoming calls from clients looking to schedule. It books sessions automatically 24/7 by phone, web, or text while managing telehealth, payments, reminders and schedule changes.
  3. Paypal - Free online payment platform you can use as an alternative option to Zelle, cash, or payments through your EHR (if it has this feature) to facilitate payments for your patients.
  4. Wix - DIY website design platform. With templates and an easy-to-use editor to facilitate creating your therapy business page. 
  5. TherapySites - website templates for therapists and SEO tools for your therapy page. Note: they offer 6 months free listing in Psychology Today's directory upon subscription.
  6. Brighter Vision - custom websites & marketing solutions for therapists. Their plans include "Social Genie” - templates to facilitate blog entries and social posts.
  7. Google Workspace - The HIPAA Compliant version of Google that offers a set of tools and services that saves you time and money From Meets for teletherapy, Forms that can be modified into an intake questionnaire, business Gmail address, to Google Calendar to manage your schedule. 

Therapy Resources - worksheets, activities, ideas, & more to improve your sessions

Get some inspiration and create an even bigger impact on your patients' treatment by giving them the right activities and exercises.  

  1. Therapist Aid - Resource library with worksheets, guides, media, activities, etc.
  2. Psychology Tools - Handouts, exercises, guides, and teletherapy resources patients can complete online.
  3. Living CBT Resources - Mostly free CBT self-help worksheets that you can use in or post-session.
  4. Veronica Walsh CBT Blog - More free self-help CBT worksheets and exercises. *Note: to re-print and distribute, email Veronica Walsh for authorization. 
  5. Therapy Worksheets - All kinds of therapy worksheets and handouts (ACT, DBT, OCD, Family, etc.)
  6. Belmont Wellness - Psychoeducational Handouts, Quizzes, and Group Activities. 
  7. The Helpful Counselor - Children, Preteen and Teen-focused exercises, ideas, and activities.
  8. Confident Counselors - Activities, tools, ideas, games, and tips for all types of counseling.
  9. Positive Psychology - Courses, techniques, tools, and tips to help your practice.

Content to nurture your practice - blogs, articles, continuing education, etc. 

We know how important it is for you to stay updated on current mental health issues and new ways to provide therapy. By improving your care, you are improving your patients’ lives. 

  1. Psychotherapy.net - Founded by Victor Yalom, Ph.D. it offers continuing education videos, in-depth articles, multi-topic blogs, and more.
  2. Psychology Today - You probably already have a PT profile; however, their blog for therapists offers a wide variety of topics discussed on mental health issues.
  3.  American Psychology Association - Again, most likely you are already subscribed to their newsletter; however, on their website, they offer all therapy-related articles, research and science updates, and other resources.
  4. Good Therapy Blog - Whether you are keen to register in their directory or not, Good Therapy has a section of content for professionals along with blog articles on psychological and emotional well-being.
  5. Practice of the Practice - Apart from their main marketing program, they offer articles on branding, running your business, and other insights for growing your practice.
  6. American Depression and Anxiety Association - You can sign up for their webinars, newsletters, educational resources, and other publications focused mainly on anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders.
  7. Counselor Magazine - Dedicated to addiction and behavioral health professionals, you can find articles, publications, industry news, how-to information, and more.

We hope this list was useful! Remember, being a SUPER therapist doesn’t mean you have to be a SUPER human too. Surround yourself with the right tools to make your life easier and improve your mental health services. They are out there!

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