Introducing Holly, your AI personal assistant


Providing the best service for your patients is a difficult task, right? Holly can help you with that. Learn how!

Healthcare practitioners aim to provid

e the best care possible for their patients. This comes as a challenging task nowadays, with seemingly conflicting pressures to cut costs and improve quality at the same time. If the industry is to overcome these challenges, technology must play a big role.

The numerous breakthroughs for healthcare in recent decades have mainly focused on the physician. But, what about the front desk staff who is in charge of communicating with the patient? The job’s been pretty much the same for over 20 years. Until now…

Meet Holly, your personal assistant!

Artificial intelligence is gradually changing the way business operations — many of which are dependent on complex logistics — are managed. Holly is an artificial intelligence-powered personal assistant created specifically with the busy front desk of a health practitioner in mind.

Holly can cope with the many challenges faced by the front desk. She reaches patients over the phone, freeing up time for the front desk personnel to care for patients and spend time on other, value-added activities. For starters, Holly manages calendars ensuring that the medical practice is always fully booked. Appointment confirmations, cancellations, automated rescheduling, managing waitlists: Holly spares the dedicated healthcare practice the tedium of these back-and-forth email exchanges and time-consuming telephone conversations.

The natural result is both improved service and increased revenue, scratching finances off the ‘things-to-worry-about’ list. A more efficiently managed calendar means greater income to sustain the operations of any practice. But Holly is capable of much more besides increasing your revenue.

When confirming appointments or rescheduling them, Holly carries on conversations via SMS texting with patients in a friendly manner. When it comes to healthcare, no one wants to feel as though they are chatting with an algorithm. Holly’s natural, conversational style imparts that personal touch. She “speaks” with patients using one of the more popular means of communication today: texting. Patients love texting because it is asynchronous;they can answer your messages when they want. Texting also creates a convenient, permanent record, so patients can refer back to their conversations to retrieve details such as appointment time and address.

Holly is integrated with your Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Electronic Health Record System, so any appointments or adjustments she makes are automatically calendared, along with a copy of the patient text message conversations. And all this happens behind the scenes.

In addition, the invaluable service Holly offers will soon include the ability to reschedule patients to later dates and to keep waitlists for near-term openings.

Headache-free tech

Keeping up with developments in the medical field while trying to assimilate information about sophisticated personal assistance software may sound like a lot of work. . But it could not be simpler! Harnessing this AI technology for your practice is as seamless as the operation of the software itself. There isn’t even an app to download. You simply give Holly access to your calendar and a few instructions about at what times to contact people, and which days you work, and she does the rest.

With personalized messages and customized scripts, Holly manages the health care practitioner’s calendar, so that the front desk can take care of the patient and all their administrative needs.

Even the most punctual person is subject to disruptions, whether they are unforeseen emergencies or traffic gridlock. Holly sorts out all of the upheavals in a fluid schedule, leaving health care practitioners and their front desks time to connect with patients live.

Patients also benefit from Holly. People have drastically changed the way they communicate with each other and with businesses. Smartphone users are sending and receiving five times more texts than the number of phone calls they make each day. Nobody likes to receive phone calls anymore. But patients can sneak in a text message reply during a meeting.

Holly can manage the demands of your medical practice with surgical precision, leaving the doctor and staff to focus on healing, improving health and offering high-quality service. At the same time, Holly is enhancing the patient’s experience.

If the core of a medical practice is health and healing, its beating heart is the business, and managing that can overwhelm even the best health care professional. The trick is attending to patients so effectively that each of them believes they are your sole client. That’s the promise of Holly, your personal assistant.

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