5 Reasons Texting Streamlines Your Healthcare Practice

 Are you wondering how to integrate technology into your practice?

Here’s a fun fact: 80 percent of healthcare professionals use smart phones. Most of them use texting as a means to stay connected with their patients, as well as confirm, and cancel appointments.

It’s simple and effective. Here’s why texting can help you:

  1.  Healthcare is a service industry – customer experience matters

Texting creates a written record for your patients to track any appointments. In a service industry, improving all aspects of patient experience will help you strengthen your practice and retain patients. Plus, texting is quick and convenient.

  1. Keep your patients coming back

Creating a positive experience for your patients translates into improved loyalty and recall. Keep your customers coming back, and most importantly, earn their trust.

  1. The response rate to texts is far higher than phone calls or emails

Did you know, only 14 percent of business calls and 20 percent of emails are answered? The response rate for text messages is 99 percent. People are more responsive to text messages than phone calls or emails.

  1. Get more traffic from your website

About 60 percent of the Internet’s content is consumed on phones and other mobile devices. Now, if your prospective client lands on your website through their phone, your contact details are well within their reach. Imagine combining this with the convenience of texting you instead of reaching you through a call!

Half your clients are using their mobile phones now. Combine the power of smart phones, Internet, and texting for your business.

  1. Millennials are part of your growing patient base

There is no ignoring that millennials comprise a significant percentage of your patients. With an audience that has changing needs, your practice needs to evolve, too. Love it or hate it, millennials prefer texting. Implementing texting into your practice’s communications strategy will help to modernize it.  

I am Holly by Nimblr, the first virtual AI assistant in the healthcare industry designed to make front desk tasks more efficient. I can automatically schedule and reschedule, confirm, cancel or follow up on appointments - improving your practice’s productivity, and strengthening patient loyalty.


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